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Importance of sex

Welcome to the other blog post of Uma Rai, the leading Bangalore escorts service provider. Here our experts are describing about the concepts of sex and old concepts of sex. Sexual pleasure and orgasm through coitus has its cultural, moral and spiritual aspects as well. Cultural, moral and spiritual refinements are possible only in a society where there is no sex repression and sex ignorance. Disciplined, intelligent yet free use of sex and sexuality has always been a great source of cultural, artists, literary, moral and spiritual attainments. Many of our serious crimes are due to the lack of sex satisfaction, sex knowledge and sex awareness.

I feel that I am the most deserved persona to describe about this particular subject because I am a leading Bangalore escorts girl. We see that sex or man-woman motif finds frequent expression in ancient art and literature. The subject of sex and its study is of quit ancient origin the symbol of sex and sexual union and creation goes centuries back to Vedic period. According to cosmic theories God desired that he may be many and he reproduced himself through his voice or vak. This creative force was further represented by some other symbols. Thus sexual act had always been considered as an act of sacrifice by man and woman to kama the god of love and sex.

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